Adobe Illustrator – Script Export Artboard to iOS App Icons

Script to export Illustrator Artboard to iOS App Icons with a single click.

[FIX] Unity3D – Animation Must be marked as Legacy Warning

How to fix animation warning "must be marked as legacy" in Unity3D

Create Bitmap Fonts for Unity3D

Applications to create bitmap fonts for Unity3D

[FIX] Scaling Smart Objects With Nearest Neighbor in Photoshop

How to use Nearest Neighbor interpolation to free transform Smart Objects in Photoshop

Must Read UI / UX Related News 2014

Must Read UI / UX Related News 2014 - A collection of interesting UI and UX design news,…

Puzzle Football Indiegogo Campaign!

The game that I've been working over the last couple of months as an interface designer…

3DS Max Adventures! Volkswagen Jetta WIP

Work in progress Volkswagen Jetta car 3D model

3ds Max Adventures! Nissan 350z

3ds Max Adventures! Nissan 350z’s UI Inconsistency

I like (revamped Hotmail), but there's an inconsistency in the's…

Testing Substance Designer 3.5

Testing Substance Designer 3.5

View PSD & TGA Files in Windows Explorer

Want to be able to view .PSD and .TGA files as thumbnails in your explorer?