Ever since I installed Razer Synapse (Cloud-Based Mouse Driver) for my DeathAdder mouse I get very annoyed by the software updates. First of all, 99% of the time the update will require you to reboot your system which no ones likes. Especially when you just booted up your computer. Second, the windows where you confirm the update installation is pretty stupid as well.

The image below is the default state in which the notification was presented. The “Update Now”(OK) option comes before the “No Thanks”(Cancel) option. Now there’s always the debate whether the button arrangement should be “OK-Cancel” or “Cancel-OK”. Both button orders are legitimate as the Nielsen Norman Group article points out, but what confused me was the button highlight. While updating the driver would be considered a “dangerous” action. I was immediately drawn to pressing the highlighted button, because in most UI cases they will highlight the option that they want you to press. So combined with the “I-just-want-to-get-this-over-with” mentality, I pressed the highlighted “No Thanks” option thinking it was updating when the window minimized to the system tray. Little did I know the update notification popped up again the next day when I turned on the computer… confused and enraged why Razer Synapse asked me to update again, I then discovered I was pressing the wrong button when I saw the update window for the second time. Am I raging about nothing? Or maybe I should just learn to read next time 🙁