For my internship at the HITLab in New Zealand, I need to learn some basic 3D modeling in Blender. The perfect opportunity to actually learn some useful 3D modeling. The only modeling program I know is Rhinoceros after doing an assignment at Industrial Design. But the program is very visually based and is practically useless if you want to implement it together with other programs. So if you’re thinking of learning a 3D modeling program, I would recommend NOT to learn Rhinoceros. You’re way better off learning Blender, 3DMax or Maya in terms of compatibility.

Anyway, I’m going to start Project Blender. I’ll try to learn Blender in a couple of months by working with it practically everyday and see how far I can get. I did the same for Processing for my final project at Industrial Design; 1,5 months of coding, camera tracking and some robots…. It requires a lot of focus and it’s very exhausting, but in the end it’s all worth it (*FUCK-YEAH-face*)
I just started learning Blender 3D today and I used the Balloon Tutorial from Blender Cookie to create this image. It took me 4 hours to do a 40 minute tutorial, because I never used the interface before and quite a lot of features and functionalities are difficult to find unless you know them. Nevertheless it was fun! I can’t wait to do more Blendering 😀