[Unity3D] Copy to Clipboard Script for iOS & Android

I was looking for a way to copy a piece of text to the clipboard on iOS and Android devices the other day. There are ways to do it for Windows and Mac computers, but getting that to work for mobile devices seemed a bit trickier. There were some solutions on the Unity3D Community forums, but they were always either for iOS OR Android and required additional extra steps to make it actually work. Luckily, I found this handy script by Wataru Sanuki which handles cross platform copy to clipboard in a single class.Read more

Useful Unity3D Stuff

I work quite extensively with Unity3D and over these past few years I've come across a ton of problems. Usually I managed to find a solution for them, but I don't always keep a record of those solutions. If I do, it ends up being a bookmark or a note somewhere. So I decided to make a post to keep track of useful stuff for Unity3D. I can finally clean up my mess! And who knows. It might help other people as well.

Unity3D Useful Tools, Scripts, Shaders

Unity3D Fixes and Workarounds for Bugs and Other Wacky Things

Unity3D Features & C# Explanations

Articles and links that explain how certain features and coding principles actually work.


Belmar Shore Panorama

Took this panorama picture along the shore of Belmar in New Jersey, United States a while back in August 2013. The sun was setting creating a gloomy ambiance and colorful sky. Click on the image for the full image.

It's alive!

It's been a while since I've written any posts for my blog. Since June 2015 to be exact. Most of the time I run out of material to write about or I just never get to it because of work and then forget about it all the way. So instead of trying to come up with super meaningful and useful content, I'll be going through my old travel photos and write about my trips in short little chunks. Those are probably a lot more entertaining and fun to read than my how-to-fix-this-and-that posts. My last travel posts were from when I was still in Pittsburgh in the United States. Since then I've been to a good handful of places meaning I've got plenty of stuff to write about. Now the tricky part is going to remember all the intricate details of my trip, but one thing is for sure.... I still have pictures of all my meals ? So stay tuned!!

[HOW] WordPress: Re-enable Comment Form After Using Disable Comments Plugin

I've been using the Disable Comments WordPress plugin for some of my websites. It works great in disabling and hiding the comment sections in posts and pages. However, I decided to re-enable the comments and the comment form didn't show up anymore. I tried disabling and deleting the plugin and made sure everything was on in the Discussion section was enabled, but without nothing worked. Took me ages until I found a solution on the plugin support forum.

To fix the comment form in the posts and pages:
- From the Posts Screen, check the boxes next to all the posts you want to edit, select Bulk Actions -> Edit, and click Apply.
- In the bulk edit area that appears, check the box for comment status and click Update.


UXPin's UX Design Knowledge & Tool Kits

UXPin has a very neat section where they share knowledge and tool kits with thoughtful content on mobile & web prototyping, wireframing, mockups, usability testing, project management, design process & more. It's basically free! All you have to do is enter your email :)


[FIX] Unity3D - Allow Animator Triggering Same State

For a recent project, I was trying to trigger the same state from the Any State in the Mecanim Animator in Unity. When doing so, the transition did trigger, but it failed to flag the trigger back to "false". This was causing some animation bugs, since the game was setup so the user can replay that level. Upon replay, the animation would get triggered twice or since the trigger was still flagged "true" before it could reset back to the original state. To fix this problem, there's a check box called "Can Transition To Self" in the inspector which you need to turn on (it's unchecked by default). Check it and you're done!
Source: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/877897/trigger-the-same-state-again.html

[FIX] AoE II HD Won't Start


Age of Empires 2 HD won't launch through Steam? Stuck in the infinite launcher-loop? Try closing Steam and delete the "appcache" folder in your Steam folder. Restart Steam and play AoE2!

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/1cag4h/aoe_ii_hd_wont_start/


Copywriting Tips & Design Process

I've been working on some designs recently, which involves some copywriting. With no real prior experience in writing copy, it gets kind of tricky sometimes, especially when you have to start with a clean slate. While doing some reading and research on how to write copy, I came across these articles which provide tips and explanations on how copywriting fits in the design process. Writing copy should be an integral part throughout the entire design process, and doesn't just belong at the beginning, middle, or end. The Fast Company Design articles below, written by John Zeratsky, take lessons from Google Venture and summarize them into must-read list and how all those things fit inside the (interface) design process. There's also a cool article about how Google Venture makes design decisions with dots... lots of sticky dots! The Dead Simple Way Google Ventures Unlocks Great Ideas.

From Google Ventures: 5 Rules For Writing Great Interface Copy


How To Master Copywriting



Coffee coffee coffee!

I've been drinking quite a bit of coffee after my friends got me a Bodum French press and Cafe de Tiamo coffee bean grinder for my birthday.


My friend recommended me getting freshly roasted beans over prepackaged ones from the store, because it guarantees you that the beans were roasted not too long ago with a roasting date sticker. With prepackaged beans, you have no idea what the roasting date was. A more recent roasting date means better flavor!

With that, I bought some freshly roasted coffee beans from Fascino Coffee. I had no idea what kind of beans to get since it was my first time making coffee from whole coffee beans and each type of bean has a particular aroma and flavor. Luckily, Fascino Coffee has a tasting set which contains 4 coffee beans from different regions. It's a bit cheaper than getting 4 individual packs, so I decided to get the Single Origin Pack Tasting Set for €18,25, which contains:

  • 1 x 250gr Ethiopia Sidamo
  • 1 x 250gr Costa Rica Tarrazu
  • 1 x 250gr Colombia Supremo
  • 1 x 250gr Indonesia Lintong Raja Batak

fascino proefpakket01

I ordered it and arrived within 2 days (fuck yeah NL!). I had a bit of trouble getting the right coarse level for the coffee. The grinder doesn't have a clear indicator of how coarse the coffee would be after grinding it, so there was a lot of trial and error. The coffee ground during my first few attempts was way too coarse, so the coffee tasted bitter in a bad way. After 10 or so attempts, I found the perfect grinder setting for me, so I've been very careful not to screw up the setting after cleaning it :)

coffee grinder beans

I've also been digging into how to make the "perfect" cup of coffee. I found 2 articles, one from TIME Magazine and 2012 U.S. Barista Champion Katie Carguilo and one from Blue Bottle Coffee. The TIME article refers to coffee drippers, but after reading the one from Blue Bottle the process is fairly identical for a French Press as well. Instead of using a filter and wait for the coffee to drip down, you simply stir the coffee ground and press the coffee after 4 minutes. I'm not very fussy when it comes to brewing time as long as it's more than 4 minutes. Either way, coffee comes out great every time with the freshly roasted beans and French press!

The cross plate of the plunger broke off as you can see in the image below after only using it for a few months. The plastic design seems to be very fragile and it snapped off when I was trying to clean it. After doing some research, it turns out the older and cheaper models have the plastic cross plate, while the other Bodum French Press models have a metallic cross plate. Getting a spare metallic cross plate from the Bodum website costs €4,90, and I haven't even added the shipping costs yet. Pretty expensive if you asked me. And, I can't return it to the store, because I received it as a gift and I don't have the receipt.

JEgaa6plInstead, I bought a new French Press with a metallic cross plate, so I went with the Bodum Chambord Cafetiere in silver. I bought the Chambord Press at koffiediscounter.nl for €25,95 instead of the €34,90 that was listed on the Bodum website. The French Press arrived a few days later without any problems. The Chambord has been working great so far and it looks so fancy! Just look at it! So shiny... so fancy!