Here’s an Illustrator automation script to export an artboard to all the sizes needed for iOS apps. The Script includes exports for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You can grab the script here –> SaveIconsForiOSIcons

Script Exports:

  • 120 x 120px – iPhone Icon (iPhone 4s, 5, 6)
  • 180 x 180px – iPhone Icon (iPhone 6 Plus)
  • 76 x 76px – iPad Icon (iPad 2, iPad mini)
  • 152 x 152px – iPad Icon (iPad, iPad mini)
  • 512 x 512px – AppStore Icon
  • 1024 x 1024px – AppStore Icon

To install the script, depending on your Illustrator version and OS, go to “Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator\Presets\en_US\Scripts\” and just put the script there. Then launch Illustrator and you can find the script under File –> Scripts.

The script is based and expanded upon jeremieweldin’s script

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