Back during my graduation project at the TU/e, I worked on building a system to create smoother robot motion through an operator-based interface using computer vision and Processing. The setup was to track the robot from above with a camera and have the motion controlled by having the operator selecting various points on the computer to create a motion path.

To realize this, I used Processing and the JMyron Library to track the robot with color recognition. BUT, there was a huge problem when I tried to get JMyron to work… Every time when I tried to run the code, my computer would get a blue screen and crash. I tried switching webcams, but still not luck. Google didn’t help either, as I wasn’t able to find a reason/solution for the blue screen to appear.

There was a forum a post pointing out that Logitech webcams might be the cause for the problem. Guess which brand of webcams I had…? So, I went to the store got a Microsoft Lifecam Cinema (720p) and everything worked perfectly! No more blue screen!! Also the camera is pretty awesome as well!

tl;dr, don’t use Logitech cams if you’re planning to use Processing and JMyron 🙂