Ok finally after a looooooong loooooooooooooong time I decided to update it (Nili kept bugging me D:< )

Few weeks back there was an open house at ATR, the company that I’m working for, together with the other companies nearby.
The open house was amazing!! So many high-tech research stuff 😀 like 3D-screens, robotics and other fancy stuff :3
Made some photos and videos so I’ll just explain those (can’t really recall the rest or too lazy for it :3)

This setup here was to simulate grabbing virtual objects. You had to grab the device and pinch it with your fingers to grab to object on the screen. They could then set the density of the object which you could really feel when you’re trying to grab the object 😀

Next thing is the gCubik from NICT with screens on each side of the cube. You could interact with the table by tapping on a sea creature. The creature would then be transferred to the gCubik where you could view it from all angles, making it look like there’s actually a creature inside the cube! :O

Uhm I’ve no idea what these things are called but I’ll explain them anyway because this was my favorite of all the exhibitions :3
With this demo you had to look through special glasses with screens in it that would show the virtual object in 3D (the object you will see is shown on the screen above).
With the pen you’re holding you could feel the virtual objects because the mechanism of the pen would provide feedback. While touching and scratching it you could literally feel the texture of the object :O :O what was so amazing!!

The second one is in general the same concept, but here you had to pierce the balloons that would release a scent :3 It felt so real trying to pierce the balloon!! :O