Belmar Shore Panorama

Took this panorama picture along the shore of Belmar in New Jersey, United States a while back in August 2013. The sun was setting creating a gloomy ambiance and colorful sky. Click on the image for the full image.

It's alive!

It's been a while since I've written any posts for my blog. Since June 2015 to be exact. Most of the time I run out of material to write about or I just never get to it because of work and then forget about it all the way. So instead of trying to come up with super meaningful and useful content, I'll be going through my old travel photos and write about my trips in short little chunks. Those are probably a lot more entertaining and fun to read than my how-to-fix-this-and-that posts. My last travel posts were from when I was still in Pittsburgh in the United States. Since then I've been to a good handful of places meaning I've got plenty of stuff to write about. Now the tricky part is going to remember all the intricate details of my trip, but one thing is for sure.... I still have pictures of all my meals ? So stay tuned!!

Carnegie Mellon Campus Panorama

A picture I took of my university campus on a quiet day. Click on the image for the full image.

Lone Star's Rockin' Ribeye


Yesterday we had a dinner party with the lab at Lone Star in Riccarton. The restaurant is Western styled and the atmosphere was very cozy. They also have a bar area where they serve apparently very good cocktails (I haven't tried them yet).

I had the Rockin' Ribeye with Jack Daniels & cracked pepper sauce and a pint of Guinness :3 There was a bit of confusion because everyone ordered before the dinner party and we were with 24 people. Instead of noting who sat where they just shouted out a dish and people had to raise there hands. Should work fine in theory, but people forgot whether they had medium rare/medium/etc. and also which sauce picked out for the steak.

Anyway back to the food, I ordered and got a medium-rare but the meat itself was a bit plain in flavor. Luckily the sauce was very yummy! Who can say no to Mr. Jack Daniels? :) Also, the buffalo chips were baked perfectly. All in all I would give it a 4 out of 5, because of the plain flavor of the meat.


A 250gram prime Lone Star Black Angus Ribeye marinated with black pepper. Topped with Jack Daniels & cracked pepper sauce. Served with buffalo chips and Lone Star coleslaw.

There were also desserts at the end. A Banoffie Pie, homemade pastry pie filled with bananas & caramel,topped with sweet coffee cream & chocolate flakes,
and a Longhorn Cheesecake, Kahlua & Moro Bar. Served with berry coulis & whipped cream.
Honestly, I didn't like either of those desserts haha

Bratwurst Grill's Nürnberger Stadtwurst

I was wondering why all those tents and stands were outside on the campus area today. Apparently it's Clubs Day where they will display over 90 Clubs at Canterbury University and they will be out and about recruiting for new members. Events like these also mean another thing... FOOD!!!

It was lunch time for me, so I found the German Bratwurst Grill stand and got myself a nice big Nürnberger Stadtwurst! It's made from Pork, Beef, Water, Salt, Spices, garlic, Mayoran and Chilli. The juicy grilled bratwurst is served in a bun, not too soft and not too hard, together with German sauerkraut and mustard. All that for about $7 NZD (around €4,- or $8 USD).

New Zealand sausages are bad.... very bad (especially lamb & mint sausages)!! It doesn't taste like sausage at all, so having to eat authentic German sausage tasted like heaven to my taste buds. The flavors and fat dripped down my throat as I was biting into succulent meat with a zing of sauerkraut and mustard. I was too busy eating the Nürnberger Stadtwurst and trying not to spill sauce and sauerkraut over myself that I actually forgot to take a picture of it :( But I'm definitely going to get more and take a picture of it if they are near the campus again!

5 stars for authentic German wurst!

Choco choco!!

Last Saturday, July 9 2011, I went to the neighborhood Cashmere in Christchurch and the Chocolaterie in Governors Bay just south of Christchurch.

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Cashmere is located uphill on a mountain and you can actually overlook Christchurch at some points. It's not really that impressive though because Christchurch city is as flat as a pancake :P Check out my previous post with the panorama picture that I took from Cashmere.

After that, it was time to head out to Governors Bay and have some chocolate at the Chocolaterie called She Chocolate (Spiritual Human Evolution Chocolate). Note that the favicon of the website looks a bit like a turd XD
Anyway, the place felt very spiritual and zen and the interior of the Chocolaterie was nice as well. They have a large selection of chocolate drinks and truffles, and I couldn't resist but to order the dark chocolate mochachino. Look at all that chocolate dripping along the glass ??


Amerikaanse F-1 Visum Aanvragen

Wow! My very first post in Dutch!! If you can't read Dutch please follow this link.

Voor een F-1 studentenvisum dien je een DS-160 online applicatie in te vullen voordat je een afspraak maakt met de Amerikaanse Consulaat. De informatie in de DS-160 wordt gebruikt door een de inspecteur tijdens je interview. Nou waren er al wat dingen niet duidelijk voor mij tijdens het invullen hiervan, maar uiteindelijk werd me duidelijk na wat rondvragen en Google-werk. De onduidelijkheden noem ik hieronder op en hopelijk hebben andere mensen hier wat aan   :-D

  • Passport Book Number?  -  Neen!! Nederlandse paspoorten hebben geen Book Number.
  • Have you even been issued a U.S. visa?  -  Alleen als je eerder een visum hebt aangevraagd. Een VWP (Visa Waiver Program) die je op de ESTA website moest invullen om tijdelijk in Amerika te verblijven voor een vakantie geldt hier niet onder.
  • Een digitale pasfoto in U.S. formaat voor je DS-160?  -  Je kan gewoon zelf een foto maken met een digitale camera en uploaden. Let wel op dat de foto aan de juiste specificaties moet voldoen (neutrale achtergrond, gecentreerd en de minimale afmeting 600x600px op 300dpi).
  • Retourenvelop voor je visa interview?  -  Een(aangetekende)  A5-envelop halen bij het postkantoor en die frankeren met €7,-.
Mijn eigen interview moet nog komen en is op 4 augustus. Ik post na het interview mijn ervaringen :-D

Mijn interview was geen echte interview. Ik had een afspraak gemaakt om 14:30 en ik arriveerde rond 14:00 voor de US Consulate. Er was een dikke rij voor mij en ik begon me al zorgen te maken of ik wel op tijd zou zijn voor mijn interview. We werden allemaal netjes gecontroleerd en wat me erg verbaasde was dat de security guards erg vriendelijk waren! Geen gezeik en ze maken zelfs een gezellig praatje met je.
Nadat ik binnen in de consulaat was werden we een voor een naar voren geroepen naar het loketje waar we dan onze paspoort, sevis, etc. moesten afgeven. Daarna moest je dan weer gaan zitten en wachten tot je naar een ander loketje werd geroepen voor je "interview". Ik werd geroepen voor mijn interview en het enige wat ze vroegen was waar heb je gestudeerd en waar/wat ga je studeren? Gelijk daarna zeiden ze: "Your visa has been approved. Your visa will be delivered at your home in about 2-3 days." Dat was dus mijn interview :) helemaal voor niks extra documenten meegenomen en zitten stressen! haha
Misschien hadden ze een goede dag of zijn ze altijd zo aardig? Anway, ik heb mijn student visa binnen!