I recently found that you’re able to save multidimensional data to Parse. Saving the data wasn’t a problem though, but getting it back from a ParseObject took me a while before I finally got it working. You have to cast it as an IList first with Get<IList<object>>, and then cycle through each IList item and casting those as an another IList. Then make a temporary List where you add the items from the 2nd IList before adding it to you final multidimensional list.

var iList = ParseObjectClass.Get<IList<object>>("dataName");  // Cast as Object IList

List<List<string>> multiList = new List<List<string>>();  // Your final output.

foreach( var item in iList ){    

	var itemList = item as IList<object>;  // Cast item as another IList.

	List<string> tempList = new List<string>();  // Temp list.   


	foreach( var innerItem in tempList ){        

		tempList.Add(innerItem.ToString());    // Add to temp list.


	multiList.Add(tempList );  // Add to final output.


// Print all items.

for( int i=0; i&lt;multiList.Count; i++ ){    

	for( int j=0; j&lt;multiList[i].Count; j++ ){