Hotlinking items (shift+left click) seems to be buggy with the latest 1.0.2c patch. It happens most commonly with socket items; in this case my socket amulet, and spits out a long string of text instead of the item hotlink.

|HItem:2,1682228620:1163431018:1614845895,128602208,-612770703,-791891826:-1:1:213615:8:6:9:442:442:0:0:6:1:2,2058771893:166283892::-1:0:-1:-1:-1:9:0:0:1:0:1:0:-1992524624:|h[Honor Secret]|h

It doesn’t crash the game or anything and the item works fine if you equip it, you just can’t link some socket items to your friends. Hopefully Blizzard will fix this in the upcoming patch.