[TBA] Mindfulness Trainer – Oculus Quest

The Mindfullness Trainer is a VR experience for the Oculus Quest trying to address and teach teenagers about different emotions and how to help them deal with stressful and challenging situations. The VR experience puts the player in the shoes of a student being bullied. The player will learn how to recognize different amounts and learn skills to reduce intense feelings, like anger, frustration, anxiety, and sadness. Reducing intense emotions helps them think more clearly and stay in control through a series of exercises. The goal is to help players master control over their thoughts and behaviors, so they can practice these mindfulness skills anywhere; during school, on the bus, or at home!

More information to come.

TeamPart Time Evil, LLCRoleUnity3D DeveloperToolsUnity3D (C#), Oculus QuestSkillsC#, VRYear2020