Poke Shiny Dex

Started off as a mini personal project, Poke Shiny Dex is a fan-made Pokemon GO companion app for to keep track of your shiny collection, make notes, and set trading data. Make a list of your shinies that you want to trade and share it with your friends. Features include:
– Set your Favorite shinies
– Put shinies in your Wish List
– Mark your shiny for Trading
– Enter custom data and notes for your shinies
– Search functionality to easily browse through your collection
The app has over 4.5k installs and gets updated on a regular basis. Download Poke Shiny Dex for Android now!
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ClientPersonal ProjectOrganizationBlue Spirit BoxToolsPhotoshop, Illustrator, Unity3D (C#)SkillsUI Design, UX Design, C#Linkbluespiritbox.comYear2019