Light Meter

Visual and UI design for a mobile light meter for an external client with photographers as the main demographic. Photo studios are very dependent on lighting and are often dim-lighted, so it’s very important to have high contrast between the visual elements and the data readouts. Photographers are always in a hurry and they often have a very short window to complete their shoot. According to photographers, if something is hard to use, it’ll never be taken out of their gear bag. They need to be able to glance at the app, get what they need, and go back to work. So the design had to focus on usability and readability. Visually, the client requested a style closer to skeuomorphism rather than flat design by taking shapes and elements of an actual physical light meter. Several iterations were made going from super cheesy skeuomorph style to a more contemporary visual look. In the end, a balance was made by keeping materials and patterns (such as brushed steel) and combining that with UI elements (such as dials) for clear data visualization and usability.

TeamPart Time Evil, LLCServicesVisual Design, UI DesignToolsPhotoshopYear2017