easypod® AR

easypod® AR serves as a tool for patients to get an in depth look at the steps of the injection process using AR technology for an immersive learning experience to address and reduce issues caused by user error. It provides instructions and details on how to properly administer treatment using the easypod® device. The app also helps healthcare providers to address questions patients or caregivers may have after in-person training and to provide support in between office visits.

My work involved designing the UX and I was responsible as the lead developer for the development of the entire product from the UI implementation to AR integration and creating a localization system. easypod® AR is currently available on iOS and Android, and is only available for Thailand, Hong Kong, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, United Kingdom and Australia with custom and localized content. The app is scheduled to be released to more countries in the near future.

ClientMerck GroupTeamPart Time Evil, LLCToolsPhotoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Unity3D (C#)SkillsUI Design, UX Design, Wireframing, C#, ARYear2018-2020