Last saturday I decided to go to Kyoto, because there was some kind of Edo Period re-enactment event going on form 11AM until 4PM. I was so tired that week and guess what.. I overslept that saturday 8D woke up around 2PM so there was no use anymore going to Kyoto D:
Browsed on the internet.. and found a pre-halloween party in Kyoto from 6-9PM.. it was all you can drink for 3000 yen 8D 8D so why not! I wanted to tag the dude from 1 floor below with me, but he wasn’t home.. oh well.. :3
Had some drinks there.. talked to people.. older Japanese girls asking for my number, but my phone isn’t working here (and yes I should get a Japanese cell phone! 8D )..

Well I took to the last train home from Kyoto around 11:30PM.. on my way I fell asleep!! :O I woke up too late! Ended up 2 stops further (woke up 5 minutes too late) D: and it was the last train :'( :'( KAK! So I had to take a cab home… 2000 yen!! D: D: Confused, tired, raging.. I went to bed :@

The next day would be a better day. Few weeks back I met a girl on myspace from Kobe and today is the day that I would be meeting Megumi at Osaka Station. We went to Osaka Castle.

The castle looked awesome from the outside! But on the inside it looked like a modern museum.. it even had an elevator in it! D: but the view from the top floor was great 😀
lol bad lighting Megumi-chan!! And no that’s not my haircut.. there was a lot of wind 8D

Done with seeing the castle we found these stupid photo thingies 8D
Me, Megumi and the woman on the right were part of our photo pose.. me being an evil samurai feudal lord refused to give her her land back and she had to pay more taxes… :@

So so so.. after the castle we went to a karaoke room! 😀 😀 haha it was awesome! They had a huge amount of English songs… yaaay.. I can practice singing here 8D
And Megumi’s voice… wooahhhh :O :O she’s an amazing singer..nailed every song and it seemed like she didn’t even have to put too much effort in it haha… *jealous much* we switched singing after each song, but the last song we sang together.. sk8ter boi.. 8D 8D derp!!!
Oh yeah.. no photos or vids.. too lazy and forgot 8D.. next time! when I’ve practiced enough! :3
After karaoke we had dinner at a restaurant that looked very very fancy pancy from the inside! :O :O food was great 😀 A great ending for an awesome day :3

Oh yeah! On our way back to the city from Osaka Castle, we saw Nekos!! :O A guy was fishing there and feeding the nekos 😀 😀 chubby nekos :3

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