On my way to New Zealand I had to make a stopover at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). We were asked to exit the aircraft and go through the U.S. Customs before reentering the same plane.
Of course it took ages for them to go through everyone, but when it was my turn the security officer told me that my passport was still in possession of an old Visa (I-94W) and that my departure of the United States was never recorded.

So he gave me a letter explaining the procedure and the documents they required from me in order to finalize it… They demand like a shit load of things, including original boarding passes, bank transcripts, proof of enrollment of schools etc etc… If I don’t do it they might deny me access to the United States in the future D; the stupid thing is that I’m in New Zealand now, so I’ll have to ask my family to dig up the stuff (hoping that I didn’t throw it away).
As for the Visa, I checked online and apparently it was my own responsibility to hand in the Visa I-94W form prior to my departure…. I was never informed of such thing >:(

btw New Zealand weather is super hot!! Yesterday it was 30C and I had a small fever D: today 20C… much better 😀 I’m going out to the grocery store in a bit… let’s see what kind of food they have 😀