I think most people struggle with this problem when you’re sitting behind the computer or console asking yourself: “I’m hungry! I want some chips, but it will make everything greasy” *very sad face*”. So I decided to look on the internet if there were already any products or designs on the market to help my solve this conundrum.

The Potechi-no-te (ポテチの手)!!
It looks awesome with your little extended hand and it even has an cleaning option, but I’m not so sure about that… Isn’t licking your fingers after eating chips the best part? :3

The American version also useful for eating and ripping wings and ribs! FUCK YEAH!! But it doesn’t seem too handy, because you have to keep taking them off when you want to do something else and put them back on when you want to go back eating 🙁
Conclusion: The Potechi-no-te seems to be the most convenientt one for now…. maybe I should design one myself XD