No surfing plans today.. but plans to hire a car, since the beaches from Vila do Bispo are quite some kilometers and taking the bus simple sucks!!
Checked on the internet and the best place to hire a car was in Lagos, a city near Vila do Bispo, about 30mins drive by car… unfortunately we had to take the bus.. and the bus stopped at every small village on the way.. D: D:

Busy Bart…



Pics of Lagos 😀

SNV82615 SNV82616
SNV82621 SNV82622

Hiring a car seemed more difficult than we thought… most companies didn’t have any cars on that day or weren’t renting cars to people under the age of 23… D: D: Hungry again for lunch so we fixed some sandwiches from a nearby supermarket.. and Rik found 10 euros in supermarket somewhere in Lagos (A) oh yeha and they had guarana there!! 😀

Bart bought some cake.. and being creative.. this is Bart’s creative method to cut the cake :3


There was one company that would rent us a car.. but it was about €260,- voor 8 days and €10,- per day because we were young drivers D: after long long long thinking we decided to take the car… the next problem was the deposit of €750,- for the car D: D: I cashed out €600,- for the deposit… I felt rich yet vulnerable at the same time walking on the street haha XD

Now we got the car for 8 days 😀 😀 let the party begin!! :3



oh yeah and we ate picanha for dinner 8D

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