I’ve been here in New Zealand for almost a week right now and there are already some ups and downs.

First of all, the 33 hour trip was so exhausting! And what’s my first impression of New Zealand you say? It looks a lot like the United States, but the distance between the houses and shops are a little bit smaller. 😛
For the first few weeks I’m staying at my professor Christoph Bartneck’s house together with his family. He was going away for a conference in Switzerland and asked if I wanted to stay at his place and help out in case there was another big after shock.

The place was super close to the airport 😀 about 5 minutes drive 😀 and I me the rest of the family there… Aya, who was also working at the TU/e before and their 2 kids Hanna (5) and Saki (2) 😀 Those kids are so awesome!! And they speak/understand like 4 languages.. English, German, Japanese and some Dutch 😀
I had trouble sleeping the first night, not because of the jet-lag but because my nose kept getting stuffed D: so I would wake up numerous times during that night.. grasping for air…
It got worse the next day! Temperature rose up to 30C! And it was like a sauna inside the house! (no air-conditioning or fans). Being stuck in The Netherlands during the winter helped me to settle and get comfy with the cold and depressing weather 😛 but here it was the total opposite :O Later that day I also suffered a minor fever (37,9C) and went to bed early….
All went well until 2-3 days later I started coughing quite heavily and started getting random chills D: Yaaay! more illness!!! D: I still need to recover from the coughing, but the chills are almost gone now :O

In the meantime, I’m helping out a bit with the household, playing with the kids and playing Age Of Mythology on my laptop XD But I have some things to tasks that my professor gave me before he left.
He wants to publish a Lego Figure Collection book which is going to be about 400 pages and contains over 3000 unique figures :O :O My job is to think about a cover for the book, the graphical layout and edit data… This isn’t my initial internship work, but it’s to get me busy until the HIT Lab opens again (it’s closed like many other places in Christchurch due to the earthquake).

So I haven’t seen much yet of New Zealand. I’m moving to the Sonoda Campus at the Canterbury University the upcoming Monday and hopefully the HIT Lab will be open again. The campus is really close to the Lab 😀 so I can just literally walk there in my pajamas 😛
I also brought my Kendo bogu with me :3 There’s a Kendo club on the campus area as well :3 and they train 3 times a week 😀 Mostly Koreans practice there though so I’m hoping to pick up some nice Kendo/Kumdo from them 😛

Additionally, there’s quite a lot of things to do in Christchurch like whale watching, aquariums, jet-boat trips and rafts 😀 So if time and money permits… I’ll definitely do it! :333
By the way… they also have a Segway tour in Christchurch… derp

Enjoy a two hour Guided Segway Tour of Christchurch. A picturesque flat city, our tour takes in parks, gardens, and historical sites of interest. We also point out restaurants of note, and great places to shop! Full training and a helmet provided. Book now, or e-mail us – info@urbanwheels.co.nz for more information.

2 & 3 hour

PS. there are like after shocks every day here :O luckily they are just minor ones :3
And pictures are coming really really soon ( I still need to take them lol)