Ever noticed that the hyperlinks posted in your msn chatbox stopped working? Apparently they turned off active links on MSN 2009 to stop a worm from spreading. I got sick and tired of copy/pasting every single one of the links in your browser, so I went to do some super detective work and found the solution.

1. Download Freeware Hex Editor XVI32: http://www.handshake.de/user/chmaas/delphi/download/xvi32.zip
2. Close Windows Live Messenger (don’t forget to check the task manager)
3. Use XVI32 to open msnmgr.exe which is probably in C:\Program Files\Windows Lives\Messenger
4. Press Ctrl + F, choose Text string
5. Type in hotlinks in the search box and press OK
6. When it finds hotlinks, click on the h and change it to a t, it should now read totlinks
7. Press Ctrl + S to save


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