On May 27 & 28, the Gotland Game Conference will be held in Gotland, Sweden.
Brian Schwab from Blizzard will give a talk that’s equally about design and programming concerning randomness being implemented in games.

Predictability in game AI has often been cited as a drawback to gameplay and especially replayability. In some genres sports games, for example randomness is a necessary component to generate believable results. Often, it simply provides needed variety. Sometimes, however, randomness in game behavior can cause problems if it fails to align with the player’s expectations. This lecture will show examples of the sometimes quirky ways that people perceive randomness, show the pros and cons of using randomness in game systems, and give concrete techniques for mitigating some of the problems that truly random sequences can generate.

Just seeing the “Human + Random = DERP” picture made me curious about the talk and my dear friend Steve, who’s currently working as an intern at the Gotland University, will try to score a video of the talk if it’s not going to be put online. 😀

Source: http://www.gotlandgameconference.com/sessions/probable-cause-using-random-chance-in-games/