So…. we took the train to Porto today.. the ride took about 2,5 hours with a high speed train and it’s somewhere in the north of Portugal 😀
Guarana is the train (H)
Guarana train

The first impression of Porto felt like being in another country. Everything is so “raw” and looked more old compared to Lisbon, streets are small and going up- and down hill all the time XD The hotel was about 500 meters from the station but we had to walk uphill with our luggage D: D:
SNV82239 SNV82265

Arriving at our hotel called S. Gabriel with 4 stars showing on the sign 8D we dropped our stuff and checked in. The space is about the same as the hotel room in Lisbon but this time we had our own bathroom :D… unfortunately there was no kitchen we could use and there was no internet D: D:
Bart is tired and look at our bed sheets XD

After dumping our stuff we walked around in the city and saw some kind of art exhibition on a plaza… there were tons of mannequins with artsy fartsy stuff on them XD here are some pics :3

SNV82276 SNV82277
SNV82281 SNV82282
SNV82287 SNV82292

The rest of the evening we went to eat at a restaurant near the river that runs through porto :3 and note… it’s cold in the evening!! D: D: its windy and cold!!
SNV82385 SNV82387

Again, some random pics to close this post 😀
Le tired…

Scary hallway..


And don’t forget the gatos!

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