Having time left before I had to start my internship I thought why not visit Osaka :3 I went to Osaka Namba, the southern part of Osaka, and I had to switch trains only once 😀
The underground trainstation was huge! It’s connected with some other stations and there are shops and restaurants everywhere! I just picked a random exit and the first thing I saw was a pachinko hall :O

Looked on the map and walked towards the main street of the area… and guess what.. food, arcades and pachinkos everywhere!! :O :O
SNV83198 SNV83209
SNV83199 SNV83206


On the way I saw nekos!! 😀
so sad!! they looked so sad 🙁 there was another one who looked even more sad.. 🙁 they didn’t look too happy there D:


Checked out the shops walked around… to lazy to write everything so I’ll just post the pics again :3

SNV83215 SNV83216
Hot pantsu…

SNV83217 SNV83218
Lolita shop…


Tare!!! Look!!! MOAR!! 😀


Derp-photo of that day… I was immediately sold.. 8D


I also went to the Amerika-Mura, which was a part of the city full with american stuff and fashion. As you may have guessed… lots of asian-wiggers and reggae seemed to be hot here in japan.. D:
Going there I found this temple just outside the busy shopping streets :O


Later I ate dinner at a sushi place where you sit at the bar infront of the kitchen.. saw the chefs pick out the live fishes out of the aquarium and cut them infront of your eyes XD nom nom nom..

After dinner some more sightseeing and made some photos

SNV83249 SNV83253
SNV83259 SNV83260
Holy crap~!


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