Update: doesn’t seem to work anymore. Not sure if Riot intended to save usernames across servers or not now…
Random, not-so-interesting, maybe useless news…? Anyway, the League of Legends launcher now remembers your username across servers! I had different usernames for EU West and US server (same username was taken on the US server), and I had to retype it EVERY TIME time I switched servers. Not a big deal, just lazy and couldn’t be bothered with doing it… This is the best update EVER!
Not sure when this was implemented, but I noticed this during the 1.60.12_06_05_17_27 patch on June 18, 2012.
Add me if you want, my EU West account “GatoBox” and US account is “EruPeru“.
Don’t be a troll, otherwise RAGE!!! *flips table* and L2P!!