Yesterday Facebook introduced the new interface and navigation for Facebook. I just activated it a few minutes ago and immediately started looking for a way to reverse it. In the new Facebook everything all your information is cluttered together and presents an overload on data on your page. On top of that Facebook is asking more and more personal stuff about you.
BUT! there’s a way to change it back. Simply deactivate your account and reactivate it and…. BOOM!!! It’s back to the old Facebook 😀
edit01: OH FUCK!! it doesn’t work… RAGE !!!!!!
edit02: The new Facebook resets your notification settings. Now you have to uncheck all the boxes again… Thank god that Facebook has an “uncheck-all-box” NOT!!!! FUUUUU

PS. They should kick the guy who designed it in the nuts… along with the person who came up with the features for Windows Live Messenger 2011…

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