Waking up way too late, around 11AM, and having a long breakfast we decided to go to the main train station of Lisbon to arrange our train tickets to Porto where we will be going from 5th until 7th of July. On the way Bart needed some sunglasses so we went to pick up some cheap ones from H&M. Here’s also a picture of body-builder rik disguised as nerd 8D
Nerd Rik

To get to the trainstation we took the metro. It’s actually very cheap the transportation in Lisbon… only 80 cents for a single ticket. 😀
Metro Lisbon 01Metro Lisbon 02

Here’s also a pic of the shopping center near the trainstation 8D We looked around and bought groceries but we didn’t shop there..

Shopping Center Lisbon

Ok time to talk about food again 😀 In the shopping center there was a huge supermarket which looked like an entire warehouse.. so much foooooood!! 😀 And it was also quite cheap as we bought like 600gr of beef meat for like €4,- 😀 haha which served as a very nice dinner… and i had to wash the dishes D:

Meat 01

Meat 02Washing

After diner we wandered around in the city.. did some sightseeing.. took some pics for you lurkers to look at.. and yes Nili we also bought booze 8D
Some pics from Lisbon:

Vespa 😀 😀

Cheap-o lasagna which you can also find in the Netherlands 8D

Jessicat! This is for you (H)


Just kidding gata XD

Some fancy artsy fartsy booze pics

We also found some kind of ghetto in Lisbon with destroyed houses and stuff 😀


Going home around 10PM we met the manager of the Hotel, Karim. Very nice dude and explained stuff about Lisbon and also gave us some suggestions to go to. We told us to go explore the nightlife of Lisbon… telling us about some streets near the hotel where mass people would just buy drinks and hang outside on the streets.. being convinced we decided to check that out and we saw streets packed with people and the cool thing was that you saw people from every age of “groups” together on the street and just drinking… the environment was so nice 😀 ( with gatinhas 8D)
Bart suggested us to order a drink called Caipirinha.. mmmmmmmm…. I don’t know what was in it so I’ll just copy it from wiki 8D “Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail, made with cachaça, sugar and lime. Cachaça is Brazil’s most common distilled alcoholic beverage. Like rum, it is made from sugarcane.”

Pff this post is getting long with too much pics XD
So i’ll close this post with pictures of gatos 😀 I actually saw real gatos!!! 😀 But i could only take a pic of one of them 🙁

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