Today we decided to take a more cultural trip in Lisbon. We went to the west of Lisbon with all the historical museums and exhibitions by tram. The environment there looked and felt totally different from the center of Lisbon.. no more big tall buildings.. everything looked more “raw” and cosy XD

SNV82138 SNV82140


The museum was about the naval explorations of Portugal. Lots of boats, navigation tools, sculptures that belong to the naval.

SNV82186 SNV82183

Here are some pics for bored people who like boats 😀
SNV82167 SNV82164

Me and Bart’s faces after visiting the entire museum collection…

After that we wandered around the coast.. seeing more museums and exhibitions but we decided to just take pictures as evidence of being there instead of going inside to take a look 8D
SNV82216 SNV82187

Coastal pics….
SNV82193 SNV82198

The wind blew Rik’s museum flyer away and Bart the hero came to the rescue.. (H)

Chilling next to the museums…
SNV82202 SNV82207

The rest of the day was shopping for groceries and chilling 8D nothing special.. but here are some random pics for your entertainment…

Guarana! yummy drink from brasil (H)

An ant…


oh.. hi!

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving for Porto!!! 😀

oh yeah.. bart and rick.. if you read this… greetings from Emin @ 4AM 😀

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