crystal-chickenA few days ago I had dinner with a friend of mine in a Chinese restaurant Ancestral here in Christchurch. I had the crystal chicken dish with rice and veggies :3 Everything was quite cheap around 12$, but the weird thing was that they had a very large selection of milk tea and green tea… they had stuff like blueberry green tea and other weird flavoured milk tea… D:

Yesterday I went back to the Riccarton mall and saw these things. PILLOW PETS!!!
Second, the thing that I miss from the Netherlands is good cheese. Cheese in New Zealand sucks!! Even though they have a very large selection and tons of different brands, they all taste like shit! :@ Look at the mozzarella! It’s yellow and just a big chunk of solid cheese… WTF?!?! D:< Also the ham kind of sucks here… the only good foods are beef, lamb and wine!! :333 and I found Dutch salami… no idea if it’s any good though 😛