Last Saturday, July 9 2011, I went to the neighborhood Cashmere in Christchurch and the Chocolaterie in Governors Bay just south of Christchurch.

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Cashmere is located uphill on a mountain and you can actually overlook Christchurch at some points. It’s not really that impressive though because Christchurch city is as flat as a pancake 😛 Check out my previous post with the panorama picture that I took from Cashmere.

After that, it was time to head out to Governors Bay and have some chocolate at the Chocolaterie called She Chocolate (Spiritual Human Evolution Chocolate). Note that the favicon of the website looks a bit like a turd XD
Anyway, the place felt very spiritual and zen and the interior of the Chocolaterie was nice as well. They have a large selection of chocolate drinks and truffles, and I couldn’t resist but to order the dark chocolate mochachino. Look at all that chocolate dripping along the glass ??


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