Belmar Shore Panorama

Took this panorama picture along the shore of Belmar in New Jersey, United States a while back in August 2013. The sun was setting creating a gloomy ambiance and colorful sky. Click on the image for the full image.

Future Film Force - Mario Paint Game Trailer

Mario Paint Game Trailer for Visual Story class 2011 - Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University

- Albert Gea
- Dicky Lou
- Elwin Lee
- Daniel Hausmann
- Eric Zhang

Design and develop a 1 minute long video, to sell an existing PC, console or handheld game. Make it as exciting and believable as possible.

Another team's pre production work (4.0. Game Trailer Pre Production) will be given, move the project forward by doing any kind of filming, editing and post production work.

Ryusei Teaser

Presenting tomorrow at Round 4, Building Virtual Worlds. Streaming will be available in the afternoon (UTC -05:00)!!!

Visual Story Class

Visual Story is a storytelling/film class part of my boot camp semester at the Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University. The course combines the traditional notions of a film course — how to use the visual language from film — with the emerging notions of how interactivity changes the way we communicate with an audience.

On my team were Albert Gea, Dicky Lou, Daniel Hausmann and Eric Zhang. And for our first assignment, we had to create a short promo video of our team and team members. Below you can find the deliverable requirements and the final video for the assignment.


1. Each team will create a 10 second animated logo for their respective Visual Story teams.
2. In addition, each team will shoot a 60 second promotional short on your team. The objective is to show off your team's talent in a creative way. Try to follow a storyline through time and space that depicts your team in the most creative, crazy, or fun way possible. Use all elements of visual grammar and work at building in elements from the first few lectures and workshops.


For the 2nd assignment, we had to recreate a scene from a movie. The choices were "3 Iron", "Tenacious D", "American Psycho", "Stranger than Fiction" and "...". We picked Tenacious D

Recreating a scene shot for shot
Choose one of the three scenes screened in class and break them down into these three steps (Due with Rough Cut):
1. Text – Dialogue and shot list
2. Images – Storyboard with matching dialogue
3. Schematics – Over head floor plan with numbered camera set-ups

Carnegie Mellon Campus Panorama

A picture I took of my university campus on a quiet day. Click on the image for the full image.

Amerikaanse F-1 Visum Aanvragen

Wow! My very first post in Dutch!! If you can't read Dutch please follow this link.

Voor een F-1 studentenvisum dien je een DS-160 online applicatie in te vullen voordat je een afspraak maakt met de Amerikaanse Consulaat. De informatie in de DS-160 wordt gebruikt door een de inspecteur tijdens je interview. Nou waren er al wat dingen niet duidelijk voor mij tijdens het invullen hiervan, maar uiteindelijk werd me duidelijk na wat rondvragen en Google-werk. De onduidelijkheden noem ik hieronder op en hopelijk hebben andere mensen hier wat aan   :-D

  • Passport Book Number?  -  Neen!! Nederlandse paspoorten hebben geen Book Number.
  • Have you even been issued a U.S. visa?  -  Alleen als je eerder een visum hebt aangevraagd. Een VWP (Visa Waiver Program) die je op de ESTA website moest invullen om tijdelijk in Amerika te verblijven voor een vakantie geldt hier niet onder.
  • Een digitale pasfoto in U.S. formaat voor je DS-160?  -  Je kan gewoon zelf een foto maken met een digitale camera en uploaden. Let wel op dat de foto aan de juiste specificaties moet voldoen (neutrale achtergrond, gecentreerd en de minimale afmeting 600x600px op 300dpi).
  • Retourenvelop voor je visa interview?  -  Een(aangetekende)  A5-envelop halen bij het postkantoor en die frankeren met €7,-.
Mijn eigen interview moet nog komen en is op 4 augustus. Ik post na het interview mijn ervaringen :-D

Mijn interview was geen echte interview. Ik had een afspraak gemaakt om 14:30 en ik arriveerde rond 14:00 voor de US Consulate. Er was een dikke rij voor mij en ik begon me al zorgen te maken of ik wel op tijd zou zijn voor mijn interview. We werden allemaal netjes gecontroleerd en wat me erg verbaasde was dat de security guards erg vriendelijk waren! Geen gezeik en ze maken zelfs een gezellig praatje met je.
Nadat ik binnen in de consulaat was werden we een voor een naar voren geroepen naar het loketje waar we dan onze paspoort, sevis, etc. moesten afgeven. Daarna moest je dan weer gaan zitten en wachten tot je naar een ander loketje werd geroepen voor je "interview". Ik werd geroepen voor mijn interview en het enige wat ze vroegen was waar heb je gestudeerd en waar/wat ga je studeren? Gelijk daarna zeiden ze: "Your visa has been approved. Your visa will be delivered at your home in about 2-3 days." Dat was dus mijn interview :) helemaal voor niks extra documenten meegenomen en zitten stressen! haha
Misschien hadden ze een goede dag of zijn ze altijd zo aardig? Anway, ik heb mijn student visa binnen!

F-1 VISA and the US Consulate HerpDerp

Most of you might know that I'll be going to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh for master's degree at the Entertainment Technology Center. The course won't start until August 29th, but I need to be there on the 16th already for the mandatory International Orientation week. I initially thought that I would have 1 month of holiday after going back from New Zealand to the Netherlands, but this has now been cut down to a mere 2 weeks.

My time in New Zealand is almost up. 24 days until I leave sheep & mint sausage country and go back to the Netherlands and have some decent cheese and ham :lol:  I'll be leaving Christchurch on August 1st and arrive on the 2nd in Amsterdam after a long and exhausting 33 hour trip with stopovers in Auckland, Los Angeles and London. Hopefully the flight will be smooth as the previous one!

Anyhow, I finally processed all the necessary documents and made an appointment at the US Consulate in Amsterdam for my F-1 VISA interview.
In order to get this far, I had to:

  • Pay $200,- for the SEVIS. The SEVIS is a web-accessible database used by the Department of Homeland Security to collect, track and monitor information regarding exchange visitors, international students and scholars who enter the United States.
  • Pay the $140,- VISA application fee and complete an online DS-160 form on the US Consulate website. This online application is used to collect the necessary application information from a person seeking a nonimmigrant visa for temporary travel to the United States. Consular Officers use the information entered on the DS-160 to process the visa application and, combined with a personal interview, determine an applicant’s eligibility for a nonimmigrant visa.
  • Make a €15,- appointment for an interview by phone. Furthermore, I still need to get an ID photo in US format (2x2inch) and an envelope with €7 postage on it.
It was such a hassle and the phone call to the consulate was by far the worst. I called and the first thing the pre-recorded voice will say is "for English press 1, for Nederlands press 2" with a very non-Dutch/American accent. The voice actually sounded like a mixture between a Hispanic and Middle Eastern person haha! Anyway, I called several times but the operators were busy every single time. I was put on hold and the electronic voice will keep babbling about the instructions of applying for a VISA. The weird thing was that my call would always be cut off after 7:30 minutes. I'm not sure if it's because I was calling with Skype (I'm in New Zealand remember :-| ) or that they just cut me off.....

Finally, today, I got through and the first thing the operator would say is "Hello... What is your credit card number?". After providing the details and telling him about my application for a F-1 VISA, the guy said with a very monotonous voice...

"Did you receive the VISA documents from the school?" - Yes
"Did you complete and paid for the SEVIS?" - Yes
"Did you complete the DS-160 form?" - Yes
"Did you pay for the VISA application?" - Yes

And suddenly after answering Yes to all the questions, his voice changed to a more cheerful and lively voice!! I managed to make an appointment and give him all the necessary information. Providing the information didn't go smooth at all! He said my connection was bad, so he needed me to spell out all the letters of my documents. I forgot a lot of  those reference words like A for Apple in Dutch... So I was like R for.... uhm.... R for.... until he filled in the gaps for me haha. It didn't happen once, but it happened around 4-5 times! herpty derp!! ┐('~`;)┌

In the end, everything went ok and I'm going to finish my work here at the HIT Lab in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile.... FOOOOOODDDDD!!