KitKats Around The World

Few days ago me and Lauren were talking about KitKats and how I love the Chunky ones :D
We talked about the different KitKat flavours (white, peanut butter, etc.) and about the weird ones; sakura and green tea, from Japan. Btw. the green tea one was disgusting D:

Curiously, we looked on wiki to see what kind of flavours there were and guess what....Japan had all the weird ass flavours :P

Here are a few of them:

"Aloe Vera"Japan
"Blueberry Cheesecake"Japan
"Ginger Ale"Japan
"Pickled Plum"Japan
"Sakura Macha" (Cherry Blossom Green Tea)Japan
"Soy Sauce"Japan
"Earl Grey Tea"Japan

Suponji bobu
I don't know if I want to let me future kids eat McDonalds in Japan... :O

Poo Poo Panda

This has got the be the best candy dispenser ever!!!

Kobe Beef! U Jelly?

Back in April 2010 I went with Lauren to visit Kobe in Japan and one of our goals was to try authentic Kobe beef (神戸ビーフ).

Kobe beef refers to cuts of beef from the black Tajima-ushi breed of Wagyu cattle, raised according to strict tradition in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. The meat is generally considered to be a delicacy, renowned for its flavour, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture. Kobe beef can be prepared as steak, sukiyaki, shabu shabu, sashimi, teppanyaki and more. ~Wikipedia

Kobe beef has a meat quality score of 4 or 5 (out of 5) and the marbling ratio (BMS) has to be level 6 and above.

BMS Grading

We went through the LonelyPlanet guide and ended up eating at Shin Kobe, located at 3F Shin-Kobe Oriental Avenue, near Shin-Kobe station.
Our Kobe beef looked like it was high on the the marbling ratio, I assume level 10 and up? But it had better be! Because we paid ¥26.000 (± $328 USD or €260) for 2 Kobe beef menus with 2 glasses of wine :O Nonetheless it was worth every single penny!! Just look at the pictures below of our beautiful steak and the happy chef who presented and prepared the steaks right in front of us. And to top it off I've included 2 videos of us having our first bite of authentic Kobe Beef! (Warning: Overdosis happy food face)


U Jelly?! 8D