I was too lazy and tired to update every single day so I decided to put all the remaining days into one post πŸ˜€ And I only remember mostly about the food haha πŸ˜€

The weather to surf got worse on the wednesday πŸ™ had to struggle to much to get even a few meters into the water…


So having a sucky surfing day we decided to make even a big dinner with the bbq (A) This time with grilled potatoes with salt,peper, olive oil and some mixed spices… meat and salmon :3
Bart didn’t eat any salmon because he doesn’t like fish D: My part of the salmon wasn’t completely done yet so I put it back on the bbq… when i wanted to get it out.. it broke! O__O and fell into the bbq !! D: D: D: D; I almost cried :'(… scrubbing the ashes off there was only a tiny piece left πŸ™
oh yeah and we had white beer and some whiskey/cola :3


R.I.P. Salmon πŸ™


Thursday the weather was still poop! Did a bit of surfing.. and saw a weird looking insect…


It also seemed that being disappointed ment us having more food for dinner XD
That night we made salad.. couscous with mushrooms, onions, red paprika and courgette :3.. slices of pineapples and grilled bread with stuff on it… we also decided to eat the other half of the salmon that we bought yesterday… Being more faithful we put the salmon as a whole again on the bbq. All went well until it was Bart’s turn to get the food from the bbq… and guess what.. the salmon fell apart again D: part of it in the ashes and 1 part on the plate. BUTTTTT Bart somehow knocked down the plate with the salmon so it landed on the ground πŸ™ such a dark day for the guarana boys πŸ™ *kills viado bart*

SNV82690 SNV82693

Friday worst surfing weather of the week.. like no waves at all πŸ™ We went to have some coffee and pasteries, pastel de nata!!! mmmm!!!! πŸ˜€


Me and Bart did some improv games with the stones we found on the beach… entertained ourselves for like hours with it haha πŸ˜€
So no surfing that day πŸ™ MEANING! more food for dinner πŸ˜€ improving yesterday’s couscous by adding more veggies to it.. green paprika, some garlic and some lemon juice to add some flavor to it :3

SNV82698 SNV82699
SNV82700 SNV82703

On the saturday we bought some salmon.. again!! and this time we shall succeed!! wrapping it in foil! πŸ˜€ and SUCCESS! πŸ˜€ we have a salmon perfectly grilled… it was…O___O mmmm!!!!!!! even Bart ate some!!! πŸ˜€

Bart eating fish!


Sunday… back to Lisbon πŸ™ packed our stuff, returned the car and went to the trainstation in Lagos to travel back to Lisbon… a journey of 4-5 hours D:

SNV82711 SNV82716

Train from Lagos to Tunes

SNV82718 SNV82719

To lazy to write the rest D:…
Ate at restaurant in Lisbon.. great food and nice environment… went to the airport around midnight… stayed there for the night because our flight left at 7AM… XD it was boring.. and looooonnng.. tiresome..
Restaurant view…

SNV82730 SNV82736
Trainstation Oriente in Lisbon

SNV82740 SNV82751
Lisbon Airport


Bart giving me the finger πŸ™

Place inside the airport where we hung out…


SNV82818 SNV82819

I killed some time by making pics of people sleeping at the airport (H) new hobby btw πŸ˜›

SNV82795 SNV82797
SNV82798 SNV82803
SNV82804 SNV82805

SNV82811 SNV82812



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