Vila Do Bispo

Last night we had to decide who of us would take the double bed. Since Bart didn't want to sleep alone in a room he had already taken a spot in the 2 single beds room. Neither me nor Rik had a preference so we did rock-paper-scissors to decide who would sleep in the same room with bart. I lost D: so I had the big bed :D :D :D haha I slept so well :3

Here's a pic of our apartment... we share it with the home owner..
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Today we woke up around 8-9.. ate from breakfast and head into the city to buy food for our long trip to Vila do Bispo in Algarve. The train took off around 15:30 so we had to fix something to eat, because the trip would be longer then 6 hours D: With no kitchen we did the hobo-style again but this time on a bench at the station XD
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Burning Sand in the Wind

Still in Porto.. so we decided to take the metro to the coast of Porto to check out the beaches and information about surfing gear... Saw a cat just outside our hotel and a poster of a missing cat somewhere :(

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So.... we took the train to Porto today.. the ride took about 2,5 hours with a high speed train and it's somewhere in the north of Portugal :D
Guarana is the train (H)
Guarana train
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Cultural Day

Today we decided to take a more cultural trip in Lisbon. We went to the west of Lisbon with all the historical museums and exhibitions by tram. The environment there looked and felt totally different from the center of Lisbon.. no more big tall buildings.. everything looked more "raw" and cosy XD
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Day2 in Lisbon

Waking up way too late, around 11AM, and having a long breakfast we decided to go to the main train station of Lisbon to arrange our train tickets to Porto where we will be going from 5th until 7th of July. On the way Bart needed some sunglasses so we went to pick up some cheap ones from H&M. Here's also a picture of body-builder rik disguised as nerd 8D
Nerd Rik
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Ok this post isn't about the Portugal trip, but I just received an OK to do an internship in JAPAN!!! :D :D :D :D :D
I'll be going to ATR-Promotions near Kyoto, working as an interaction designer :D

Arriving in Lisbon!!

YAAAY! We arrived in Lisbon around 3PM today. The trip just started and it's already interesting XD

The plan was to go to Amsterdam airport by train from Eindhoven, but when we wanted to catch the train there was an announcement that someone jumped before a train :( so there were no trains moving between Eindhoven and Boxtel and waiting for substitute transportation would take atleast 2 hours.. meaning we couldn't get to the airport and catch our flight on time :-x  So we decided to take a cab to Den Bosch, where we could catch the train to the airport.

Team Leader Bart

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Time to catch the train!

It's almost departure time!! Packed everything and I've got some space left for souvenirs ;) I can't wait to get to the airport and fly to Portugal, and I'm hoping that the weather there won't fry me... I'll be taking pics of our trip going from the Netherlands to Portugal.

BLOG & Portugal


Here on this blog I'm going to write stuff and uninteresting shizzle about my trip to Portugal :D I'm travelling with 2 mates from uni, genius quoter Bart Wolfs and part-time body builder Rik Hermans. Together we're staying a few days in Lisbon, followed by a stay in Porto and eventually surfing in the area of Vila do Bispo south of Portugal.

1:00 AM OH SNAP~! My flight to Portugal is tomorrow at 12:40PM and I haven't even packed yet!!! :O :O
My lazy travelling mates are making me to print out their flight tickets D:<